We helped the World Economic Forum design for belonging to more equitably reshape their internal and external practises

We equiped JOYN with new innovation tools and processes to fulfil their mission of “changing the way America thinks about money”

We imagined future scenarios for healthcare so Philips can better care for the ageing and those with chronic illness

We embedded long-term thinking into the annual learning retreat for KPMG’s Heitger Consulting

We developed internal futures capabilities to think expansively about how to “create a better everyday life for the many people”

We created a sustainability-led lecture series to explore the past, present and future mindsets that might build a more sustainable world

We led a participatory design process to explore what it would take to build futures of belonging for marginalized youth in America

We debated how cultural shifts and emerging technologies might change the way people engage with media and content

We gave education leaders visions of future people-technology collaborations to inspire new thinking about their role in making change happen

We facilitated groups within the European film industry to re-imagine their offerings and mindsets for changing consumer behaviours

We taught SwissLife how to anticipate the impacts of COVID-19 using futures thinking, in partnership with WDHB

We researched how high net worth people make long-term decisions and co-created design concepts with digital agency Big Radical

Futures Thinking

This work impacts an organization’s core values and practices and allows them to create strategies that will help them transition towards a vision of the future they believe in.

  • Innovation & Process Design
  • Participatory Futures
  • Futures Thinking & Facilitation

Learning & Development

This work equips individuals and organizations with the foresight mindsets, capabilities, and agency to discover and design for possible and desirable futures.

  • Learning & Leadership Programs
  • Experimental Laboratories & Expeditions
  • Futures Literacy

Research & Insights

This work informs strategy, innovation and deliberative processes across the organization by offering insights into what is changing in the present, what might change in the future and, critically, the values that inform these shifts.

  • Ethnographic & Futures Research
  • Advisory Sessions & Speaking Engagements
  • Design for Debate