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is a futures consultancy that helps organisations innovate for a world in transition

Our perspective: We think long-term about the impacts our clients will have. We deconstruct the present to envision alternatives. We invite others to challenge our assumptions and ideas. We consider the unintended consequences of our work.


1. Opportunities

What might happen in the future?

Ideal when you need to anticipate changing customers’ needs and what drives their behaviour. 

Immerse yourselves in an opportunity space and explore what is changing now, what could happen future, and what innovations those new contexts might demand.


  • Trend research & insights
  • Opportunity maps
  • Scenarios

2. Strategies

What should you do differently?

Ideal when you need to imagine or reimagine existing products and services to meet changing needs. 

A highly collaborative journey that helps your organisation align on a shared vision and develop long-term strategy and product innovations.


  • Organisational visions
  • Strategic recommendations
  • “North Star” service visions

3. Actions

What can you do today?

Ideal when you have a clear vision of the future you want and need to prototype and test new ideas. 

Directly engage with near and long-term strategies through experiments. Innovating with purpose and thinking systemically about consequences of change.


  • Concept books
  • Experience interventions
  • Viability testing

4. Capabilities

How do you do this yourselves?

Ideal when you need to continuously stress test your organisation against future uncertainty. 

We embed the necessary skills and mindsets into your organisation; to responsibly envision and act towards desirable and sustainable futures.


  • Concept books
  • Experience interventions
  • Viability testing


The World Economic Forum

Envisioning futures of belonging

We developed and ran a yearlong project for the World Economic Forum examining what it means for their organization to design for belonging across North America, Europe and Asia. This included collectively diagnosing present day barriers to belonging, visioning work to imagine alternatives that overcome those barriers and developing tools to design for belonging across interpersonal, organizational and systemic scales. This work sets the foundation for their commitment to building equitable practices and policies in the everyday work of The Forum.


Anticipating the impacts of COVID-19

We worked with SwissLife to anticipate the impacts of COVID-19 on their organization and develop new practices to innovate in response. This development program lasted 6 months working alongside a leadership cohort to embed a futures thinking lens on how they made sense of and responded to their present challenges and opportunities. The work resulted in a set of key scenarios for leadership to consider, 14 innovation propositions to experiment with, and new foresight capabilities to leverage within the organization. This work was in partnership with WDHB.


Inspiring their sustainability journey

We created a sustainability-led experience for Hermès to explore the past, present and future mindsets that can build more sustainable practices. These briefings unpacked alternative ways to think about materials use, business models, and engaging with communities to offer inspiration and frameworks that can catalyze new forms of experimentation. These briefings were delivered throughout the year at key global events within the company to support their design and communication strategies.


Our approach lets you engage with new futures. We anticipate shifts, experiment, and envision products, services and everyday actions that will enable new possibilities for your organisation. Contact us for case studies and to discuss working together

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